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Laura's Journey

My jorney to becoming a professional photographer started in a dark room at UNC.  I majored in business, and after crunching numbers for finance and reading case studies for Business Law, I would end my days in the art departments dark room.  I lived there for a semester, it was the first time I had connected so deeply with something, that time seemed to be irrelevent.  I could forget about the strict rules of business and exist in a world where my own creativity and the tools of the art of photography knew few boundries.

After graduating, I followed a traditional business path, but my love for photography and the darkroom never left.  So in 2003, I entered RCC as a photography major, concentrating in Portraits and Weddings.

Over the past 7 years,  I have come to learn that being a photographer is more important than just taking images.  Daily,  I have the opportunity to capture images that are the visual documentation of a family.  An image taken today is loved, tomorrow that same image is a cherished heirloom.

2013 Laura Wessell Photography